Private Tours of India

Explore the country of India your way with complete journeys customized according to your plans. Book the most convenient private tours to India with driver, tour guide, and fleet of your choice.

What You Get With Our Private India Tour Packages?

We are dedicated to crafting personal tours to India that cater to your every need and desire. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to ensure that your journey through India is seamless, enriching, and truly unforgettable.

As the expert in Indian travel and tourism, we share with you the recommendations on creating the perfect itinerary for you. You can make any customization, add new places and experiences, or get a plan that suits your interests, passions, and timeline. 

Get acquainted with our team of courteous and experienced drivers, who are not only skilled navigators but also enthusiastic guides. Beyond transportation, our drivers are your local companions, eager to share their knowledge, stories, and insider tips to enhance your journey.

Discover our handpicked selection of well-maintained vehicles, each offering a luxurious and comfortable environment for your travels. Our fleet includes a variety of options, from spacious SUVs to elegant sedans, ensuring a relaxing and hassle-free travel experience.

Communicate effortlessly with our multilingual drivers who provide language support, helping you bridge the gap and engage with locals. Unlock deeper connections and immersive experiences as you navigate India’s diverse linguistic landscape with ease.

Best Private Tour Packages of India

We are the leading private tour operator in India. Choose your vacation plan and travel privately and with convenience.

indian golden triangle tour package

Visit Delhi’s historic sites, the Taj Mahal in Agra, and explore the colorful city of Jaipur in Rajasthan.

jodhpur jaipur udaipur tour package

Explore the majestic forts and palaces of Rajasthan, including Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and more.

north india private tours

North India Himalayan Adventure

Explore the picturesque hill stations of Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala, and enjoy trekking in the Himalayas.

South India Cultural Odyssey

Visit the ancient temples of Tamil Nadu, explore the backwaters of Kerala, and discover the historic cities of Hampi and Mysore.

Beaches & Backwaters Tour

Relax on the beautiful beaches of Goa, experience the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, and explore the vibrant nightlife.

Wildlife Safari Tour

Explore wildlife sanctuaries like Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, and Jim Corbett for a chance to see tigers and other exotic animals.

Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Offer yoga and wellness retreats in locations like Rishikesh, Kerala, or Goa, focusing on relaxation and self-care.

Spiritual and Religious Tour

Visit the spiritual centers of Varanasi, Bodh Gaya, Amritsar, and more, offering insights into India’s religious diversity.

Festival and Cultural Tour

Plan tours around major Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, and others to let you experience the vibrant celebrations.

About Indi Driver

Welcome to Indi Driver, your premier tour operator in India, dedicated to crafting unforgettable travel experiences for foreigners exploring the enchanting land of India. With a deep passion for travel and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in being the preferred choice for travelers seeking immersive and personalized journeys.

At Indi Driver, we understand that every traveler is unique, and their journey should reflect their individual interests and preferences. With years of expertise in the travel industry, we have established ourselves as a leader in providing exceptional private tour packages in India that showcase the diverse tapestry of country’s culture, history, and natural beauty.

Our team of experienced tour guides, fluent in various foreign languages, is dedicated to providing insightful and enriching experiences. From the moment you arrive in India to the time you bid farewell, our team will be by your side, ensuring every moment of your journey is seamless, informative, and inspiring.

Why Choose Indi Driver for Booking Private Tours in India

At Indi Driver, we understand that your travel aspirations are as unique as you are. That’s why we’ve crafted a collection of Indian Private Tours that go beyond the ordinary. When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a tour – you’re embracing exclusive experiences, unwavering support, and personalized adventures that will leave you with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Tailored Experiences for Every Traveler

At Indi Driver, we understand that every traveler is unique. Our expertise lies in creating personalized private tours that cater to your interests, preferences, and travel style. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a culinary explorer, we design your journey to reflect your passions.

Unparalleled Local Knowledge

As specialists in offering private tours to foreigners from all countries, we possess in-depth local knowledge that allows us to curate authentic and immersive experiences. Our drivers are not just guides – they’re your local companions, sharing insights and stories that bring India’s culture and heritage to life.

Memorable Encounters Await

With Indi Driver, your private tour of India is more than just a journey – it’s a collection of unforgettable moments. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, we create opportunities for you to connect with India’s rich heritage, vibrant communities, and breathtaking landscapes.

Hassle-Free Exploration

With Indi Driver, you can leave the logistics to us. Our seamless planning and execution ensure that your private tour in India is stress-free and enjoyable. From transportation and accommodations to attractions and activities, we take care of every detail, allowing you to focus on making memories.

Safety and Comfort

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our experienced and professional drivers are dedicated to providing you with a secure and comfortable travel experience. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands as you explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of India.

Exceptional Customer Care

Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond the tour itself. We provide responsive customer support before, during, and after your journey. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we continuously strive to exceed your expectations.

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Private Tour India - FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to LGBT tourism in India:

Our private tours offer a personalized and flexible experience, tailored to your interests and preferences. You have the freedom to explore at your own pace and enjoy the company of your dedicated driver-guide.

Absolutely! We offer both pre-designed itineraries and the option to create a completely customized journey. Our travel experts will work closely with you to craft an itinerary that aligns with your desires.

During the consultation, our travel experts will discuss your travel style, preferences, and interests. This helps us design an itinerary that matches your expectations and ensures a personalized experience.

We offer a luxury fleet of well-maintained vehicles, including SUVs and sedans, to ensure a comfortable and safe travel experience throughout your journey.

Our drivers are not just skilled navigators; they’re also well-versed in local history, culture, and attractions. They serve as your local guides, providing valuable insights and recommendations.

Yes, our drivers offer multilingual assistance to enhance communication during your travels, allowing you to engage more effectively with locals and immerse yourself in the culture.

Absolutely. One of the advantages of our private tours is the flexibility to make unplanned stops. If you come across a captivating view or wish to explore a local market, your driver will accommodate your requests.

Our drivers and travel experts are adaptable and responsive. If there’s a need to adjust the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances, we will work with you to make the necessary changes while ensuring a memorable experience.

Yes, most travelers need a visa to enter India. It’s important to check the specific visa requirements based on your nationality and purpose of travel before your trip.

India’s climate varies by region. Generally, the cooler months from October to March are considered the best time to visit. However, the timing depends on the specific destinations you plan to explore.

India offers a plethora of incredible destinations, including the Taj Mahal in Agra, Jaipur’s vibrant markets, Kerala’s backwaters, the bustling streets of Delhi, and the serene landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, among others.

Packing essentials include comfortable clothing, suitable footwear, sun protection, insect repellent, any necessary medications, and a power adapter for Indian outlets.

The official currency of India is the Indian Rupee (INR). Currency exchange is available at airports, banks, and authorized currency exchange offices. Credit cards are widely accepted in urban areas.

Respect local customs, dress modestly (especially in religious sites), remove your shoes before entering homes or temples, and use your right hand for eating and giving/receiving items.

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