Visit Dundlod fort in Rajasthan Tour to Explore Mughal and Rajputana Art

Dundlod lies in the heart of Shekhawati region and is famous for its cultural heritage reflected in the Forts and Havelis. Dundlod Fort reflects the amazing and incredible amalgam of Rajput and Mughal architecture. Tour to Heritage of Rajasthan can be covered while exploring the Dundlod Fort as the fort still preserves the heritage of Rajasthan and the rich past legacy. One part of the Fort is still the residence of the royal rulers and one part is converted into the heritage hotel where living in the hotel take the visitors back in the glorious past and the walls narrate the history. Diwan Khana in the fort reflects the Mughal architectural style and is beautifully adorned with the French antique furniture. The beautiful mythological paintings, motifs of flowers and foliage minarets, wall hanging of arrows and shields and weapons mesmerize the visitors.



The main entrance of the fort is Suraj Pol where stepping takes in the era of bygones of ancient history, proceeding towards the Bichla Darwaza which take you to Uttar Pol which leads the steps towards the majestic Diwan Khana. Each room of the fort has a history related to it and the top of the fort offer a picturesque vista of the surroundings and Havelis. The rampart of the Fort is surrounded by water moat where visitors can enjoy the leisure walk. The Fort offers Camel and Jeep Safari to explore the area which is a fascinating and enthralling experience. The attraction of Dundlod narrates the stories of the beautiful princess, courageous King’s, powerful queens, brave soldiers and reflects the colorful cultural heritage.


Source: Mana hotels

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